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Contact Phone: 
Melbourne callers: (03) 9481 0355
Geelong callers: (03) 5221 4744
Rural callers: 1800 094 164
(03) 9419 3552
Hours of Operation: 
Monday to Friday 9.30 to 12.30
Services Provided: 
Social Security Rights, Victoria (SSRV) is an organisation which advocates for the right of people to have adequate income security and the rights of people in relation to the system, which provides this income security. It links with consumers, self-help groups and community agencies that provide assistance to people with Social Security problems, and to those concerned with income security policy. SSRV is an independent organisation that provides specialist information, training, coordinated advocacy and casework support in the area of Welfare Rights and Social Security law, policy and practice. The Welfare Rights Unit is unique in that it is the only independent specialist organisation in Victoria with expertise in Social Security.
Geographical area covered by the Centre: