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State of Play: Income Management in 2014

14th March 2014
A briefing paper by the National Welfare Rights Network March 2014

Temporary partner visas discussion paper

6th August 2013
From 1 January 2012 changes were made to the social security entitlements of temporary partner visa holders (sub-classes 309, 310, 820 and 826). The general "family member" exemption from the two year newly arrived residents waiting period was removed. This paper looks at two systemic administrative problems the Welfare Rights Centre has identified from its casework for spouses arriving after these changes of 1 January 2012 and their Australian sponsors.

Student payments and OTEN Centrelink service delivery issues

7th May 2013
The National Welfare Rights Network has been monitoring issues with students incurring Centrelink debts while studying at TAFE NSW through its distance education program called the Open Training and Education Network or OTEN. In a number of cases we have seen, debts were caused by problematic administrative processes. The attached discussion paper outlines some of the administrative problems in these cases.  

Problems with member of a couple decisions

29th October 2012
Two issues papers below look at the circumstances where large Centrelink overpayments can arise when Centrelink backdates a decision that a person is a member of a couple. The first issues paper "Problems with member of a couple decisions made by Centrelink investigations teams" (click) deals with this issue generally.   The second issues paper "Failure to consider cultural and religious background in investigations into relationship status of Arabic speaking single mothers"(click) looks specifically at the failure of investigative teams to have sufficient regard to cultural factors. The National Welfare Rights Network welcomes discussion about the topics canvassed in these issue papers with a view to developing better investigative and decision making practices, and ensuring that people are not unfairly held accountable or prosecuted for incorrectly raised overpayments based on relationship status.  

Key Income Support Issues for Aboriginal Australians in the Northern Territory, March 2012

20th March 2012
A briefing paper prepared with input from North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA), the Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service (CAALAS) and the Darwin Community Legal Centre (DCLS) and endorsed by the National Welfare Rights Network

NWRN Special Benefit -Social Exclusion and Poverty Traps

29th February 2012
SPECIAL BENEFIT Social exclusion and poverty traps A call for reform from the National Welfare Rights Network December 2011

2012-2013 Federal Budget

14th February 2012
Fairness & support in uncertain times 2012-13 Federal Budget Statement Priorities by the National Welfare Rights Network (NWRN) January 2012

NWRN CROC Report 2010

4th July 2011
Observations on Australia's performance regarding its Social Security obligations under clauses 26 and 27 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child National Welfare Rights Network, specialising in Social Security law and practice December 2010    

2011-12 Federal Budget Priorities

4th February 2011
Family Assistance and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2011    

A National Welfare Rights Network 2011-12 Federal Budget Proposal

30th January 2011
Family Assistance and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 Maree O'Halloran, AM    

Income Management Policy Outlines

15th November 2010
The Welfare Rights Centre 2010 Election Platform.  

The Welfare Rights Centre 2010 Election Platform

9th August 2010
The Welfare Rights Centre 2010 Election Platform.  

Response to Which Way Home A new approach to homelessness

29th June 2008
Which Way Home? A new Approach to Homelessness. A Response from the National Welfare Rights Network (NWRN).  

"Relationships & Centrelink" booklet

31st March 2005
  Relationships and Centrelink Booklet

NWRN report highlights flaws in Youth Allowance

9th June 2002
An analysis of the causes and effects of breaches, penalties and debts in the Youth Allowance system researched and written by the Welfare Rights Centre, Sydney