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Welfare Rights Review

Welfare Rights Review Vol 1 No 2

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Let's talk tax

Expect to hear and read a lot about tax over the coming months.

2015-16 Federal Budget Submission

The NWRN 2015-16 Federal Budget Submission calls on Government to ensure that Budget is balanced and fair with 30 recommendations that address both expenditure and revenue issues.

Independent research evaluates Welfare Rights' services and outcomes for clients

National Welfare Rights Network (NWRN) commissioned independent research into the services provided by our members.

No jobs and no income: time to increase payments for jobseekers

In February 2015, there were over 870,000 people receiving unemployment benefits, according to new data from the Department of Social Services (DSS).

Funding cuts have been partially reversed

The Federal Government has found $25m to reverse cuts to legal assistance after growing pressure about the likely impact on Indigenous people and victims of domestic violence.

Goldmine of data on income support improves transparency

Up-to-date, comprehensive and comparable information about the characteristics of people receiving social security payments is now accessible to the public with the launch of new website by the Federal Department of Social Services.

New Bill to remove right to disability pension for people in psychiatric confinement

In December 2014 the Government announced, as part of its Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO), that current laws which enable Disability Support Pension (DSP) to be paid to certain people who are undergoing a course of rehabilitation in p

Billionaire’s plan for a ‘Healthy Welfare Card’ – coming to a supermarket near you!

Income Management in the Northern Territory has not led to people sending their children to school more often, to people purchasing healthier food, or to people drinking less alcohol, the final report from a three-year study commissioned by the De

JobVoice Job Choice - New website launched in March will give a voice to job seekers

Social Security Rights Victoria, a non-profit community legal centre, was funded by the Legal Services Board, Ian Potter Foundation and Ross Trust to develop an online application for unemployed job seekers receiving assistance from employment ser

Practitioner's Guide: Family Tax Benefit

Family Tax Benefit – common problems

FTB Reconciliation debts from “deemed” child maintenance

Some vulnerable women, including single mothers, are having debts raised on the basis of maintenance income that was never received.

Private debt collection agencies ‘clean up’ with Centrelink overpayments

Two external debt collection agencies received over $13 million in commissions for recovering Centrelink debts last financial year.

Centrepay: News and Views

The Centrepay scheme has grown significantly since it was first conceived in 1998, today it is a $2 billion a year operation.

Hon Alex Greenwich MP launches independent reports commissioned by NWRN

In 2014 the NWRN commissioned two independent reports.

What’s Happening When? Overview of recent social security & family assistance law changes - March 2015

Changes to portability the disability support pension and student payments

Portability refers to the rules with respect to social security and family assistance payments continuing when a person is overseas.

Welfare reform will only succeed if adequacy of payments is assured

NWRN responds to the recent welfare reform report “A New System for Better Employment and Social Outcomes” (the McClure Report).

Case Studies

Michael - Compensation Preclusion Period

No ‘pot of gold’ at the end of New Zealand welfare rainbow

The major report to the Federal Government by Patrick McClure into reform of Australia’s social security system suggests that Australia follow an “investment” approach to welfare, modelled on changes that took place in New Zealand in 2011.

Independent Report questions whether social security system is the best tool for activation

In 2014 NWRN commissioned independent qualitative research in to the experiences of people living on the Disability Support Pension.